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WordPress Website Speed Booster

Are you losing customers because your website is slow to load?

Our WordPress website speed booster service will…

  • Significantly optimise and speed up your WordPress website
  • Help your website rank better with Google
  • Improve the usability of your website for your visitors
  • Improve search engine rankings and help increase your conversion rate
  • Help your website load faster for customers on slower internet connections or mobile devices

Is your WordPress website slow to load?

Did you know the first time a customer visits a website, it takes longer to load than on subsequent visits? Therefore, your experience loading your website may not be what your first time customers are experiencing.


Statistics show 40% of potential customers leave a website if the page doesn’t load within the first three seconds.


Our website speed-up package can help address these issues.


What’s in the package?

  • Single service for a website speed tune-up
  • Audit testing software evaluation to diagnose issues
  • Content optimisation (compress images, delete unused plugins, etc.)
  • Minified HTML, CSS and JavaScript for better performance
  • Implementation of the gzip compression
  • Browser caching
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Site database optimisation
  • Full reports for before and after optimisation to show the difference

This package will provide a better user experience for your site visitors and help improve your rankings with Google.


Unsure if your WordPress website is slow?
Ask us for an obligation-free, complimentary speed test and we’ll send you a free audit report on your websites speed Contact us


The website speed booster service is suitable for WordPress websites with up to 10 pages and 100 images, quotes can be provided for larger websites. Website access credentials will be needed to implement this service.

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